10 Things You May Not Know About Hugo

March 10, 2015

B etween all of our wedding and portrait posts I want to be intentional to post more about our lives, why we do what we do, what kind of equipment we use, and overall some really fun posts. Keep your a look out for more great posts coming soon. So today we are doing a little reintroducing. You probably remember Hugo, my handsome husband and the office manager, second photographer, business advisor and my right hand man here at Janae Rose Photography. Here are a few fun facts about him, some you may know and probably a few you don’t know.

10 Things You May Not Know About Hugo

1. His name is not pronounced how you might think it is. In Spanish “h” is silent. If Hugo’s name was spelled the same way it is pronounced it would be “Oogo”.

2. Last year Real Madrid won the Champions League. Hugo would describe the emotion he felt as “euphoria.” As a result he was inspired to buy tickets for a day to watch them play in Dallas Texas.

3. Growing up Hugo’s mom told him that cats would give him asthma. As a result he is “not a cat person.” Turtles are his pet of choice.

4. His favorite lens is his 100 mm f/2.8 L Marco lens, and he is truly a pro a capturing a beautifully sharp ring shots. Most of the ring shots you see on the blog are his handy work.

5. The first time he visited the states he almost got kicked out for making too many jokes with the customs agent.

6. Hugo enjoys card games, board games, pretty much all games. Some of his favorites are “Settlers of Catan,” Ticket to Ride and “Monopoly.” And the list goes on. He is currently enjoying playing “Chess with Friends” on his phone with his younger brother Alan.

7. In college he studied Mechanical Industrial Engineering. Yep he’s a smart man and handsome

8. He’s a risk taker to the core, when he moved to the states to peruse me he moved with enough of money to buy a plane ticket and a ring. Obviously I’m glad he took the risk.

9. Ever since we got married Hugo has done laundry for us, as a way of helping me. He is such a servant and I am so thankful for all the things he does daily.

10. Hugo has translated for missions teams for years however his first mission trip was to Guyana South America two years ago.

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