10 Things You May Not Know About Us

March 20, 2015

H appy Friday, we hope you are enjoying the first day of spring, even if it is snowing. Well this wraps up our “10 Things” series. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a little better. It’s been fun to write these posts. Today we have ten things about us. For those of you who do not know Hugo and I met down in Guatemala, which is for sure one of our favorite places in the whole world. If you’re ever itching to take a trip down there, we’d love to give you some suggestions on what food you have to eat, and where you must go, those kinds of things. The first time I noticed Hugo I had an immediate crush, and this was right after making a internal promise to myself that I would not and could not like any Guatemalan guy (oops.) Needless to say that didn’t work out so well for me. Hugo and I been on such an incredible journey together, from meeting, falling love, getting married, working together, growing our business, and starting a family. We owe everything we have to God, he has been faithful every step. So here it is…

10 Things You May Not Know About Us

1.  The first time we were in the same place at the same time, was at a musical production of the biblical story of Joseph. Hugo was playing the part of Joseph and I was in the audience understanding very little of what was going on due to the production being spoken in Spanish, I was twelve years old at the time.

2. Over the span of our dating relationship we sent each other over 40,000 Facebook messages.

3. Our first date took place at a very nice restaurant aquarium. Neither of us ate much of our food due to first date nerves, but Hugo’s siblings enjoyed the leftovers.

4. The first time we ever noticed each other we were in a village called ageuacate which is Spanish for a avocado.

5. Our first pet was a massive gold fish from the fair. His name was “Megalogold” we thought he had a cute personality because he would swim at the top of the bowl “begging for food” turns out he actually wasn’t getting enough oxygen. We did some internet research and realized he needed a bigger tank. Hugo ran out to get him one, sadly it was a little to late.

6. When we first met, Hugo had never traveled and did not have a passport, seven months after I left Guatemala he came to visit me.

7. We got engaged at a local cafe. Janae thought she was going to met a potential client, turns out the potential client was Hugo pretending to be “Andrew Schlacter.” She was very surprised.

8. Our honeymoon destination was to Branson Missouri, we know it’s kind of random, but some good friends of ours gifted us their timeshare for the year. The place we stayed at was extremely nice and we love a good road trip. It took us 18 hours to drive there and we loved every minute of it.

9. As proof of how much we love road trips on our first year anniversary trip we put over 2,000 miles on our rental car. We flew into Vegas and from there drove to Lake Tahoe, Sacramento California, San Francisco, Red Wood National Park, and then back to Vegas. It was such a fun trip!

10. During our pregnancy we could not agree on a boys name that we both liked, but always loved the name Gloria. It worked out well for us.

  1. Laura Lapp says:

    The one about the fish made me laugh. (Even tho I’m sad it died) 🙁
    My husband and I can only agree on a boy name for our baby, maybe it’s a sign I’m carrying a boy:) lol
    I really the enjoyed the ’10 things series’ thanks for sharing!

  2. Mary Ann Hoover says:

    Enjoyed the 10 things series! Dean says, “they are quite a pair, aren’t they”?! Yep, love you guys 🙂

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