April 29, 2015

There is a joy in capturing children. I’ve always been a fan of little people, but now being a new momma I can say it warms my heart in a way it never did before. Every day is so new with a child, there are always new things being discovered. I’ve told my sweet Gloria that ever single “first” of hers I will cry, and although I probably won’t cry for all of them, this week when she rolled over for the first time there were water works for sure. I even took a video of it and I’ve watched it over and over. Who would have thought I could get so excited about a simple roll over. It’s beautiful to watch a person grow.

Meet Adeline, she’s sweet as can be, full of smiles, and likes to wave at people, can stand up by herself, and is well on her way to walking. I kept looking at this sweet baby, and it blows my mind to imagine that my baby will someday be as big as her. Children are such a gift, and I am beyond grateful that I was able to capture this precious season of this families lives. I hope these images make you smile!


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