September 2, 2015

One of my favorite spaces online is this blog. Yes, that’s right, this blog. I love that we get to share our work with a community of people that encourage and support us so well. I love that I have the opportunity to share the stories I have captured for so many amazing people! And often I find that in the midst of all those stories that ours is put on the low end of my to-do list. In the busyness of life even though my intentions are to share more of ourselves with this dear community I never really get around to it. I think to myself I’ll write about “us” some other time when I feel more inspired, or when I have more time. I’ve been realizing that all those good intentions of mine don’t mean a thing if I don’t take action. So today is for taking action, for being brave, and for sharing our newest series called “Casita De Tomas.”

This series is a tribute to our daily lives, the things, or people, that make up our adventure and journey. So what exactly can you expect to see throughout this new series?! Photos and stories from our recent travels, snapshots of our office life, features on our favorite places and spaces that make up our daily lives, and lots of other fun stuff.

Today we’re sharing about our seven month adorable baby girl, Gloria. She’s growing so fast. Others have told me that the time goes fast, but I was not prepared for how quickly it has. Some days it feels like her birth is a vague dream, and other days it feels like she has been part of our lives from the beginning. This girl is so fun, she’s relaxed, and enjoyes being in the presence of people, has an adorable little laugh that is particularly sweet when she’s with her daddy, and is currently loving hats and pretty much anything that’s not an actual toy and has already become a flexible travel babe.

Here are a few snapshots we have captured of this little lady in no particular order.

Enjoy & Happy Wednesday!











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