Lyndsey + Jason

March 24, 2015

L yndsey and Jason are such a dear couple. We are so excited about their front porch engagement session. I love it when couples are able to incorporate special elements of their lives into their photo sessions. Lyndsey lives in an adorable home, and it was so awesome that we were able to use her property for their photos. It was even warm enough that some of her beautiful cactus plants joined in the fun. I’m a lover of all things cactus and succulent, so this just made my day. Lyndsey and Jason are getting married in May, and we wish them all the best as they enter into marriage. We know that amazing things are ahead of them. Some of my favorite images from this session are at the bottom, it’s been a long and cold winter and it’s so nice to send some time in some warm golden light. Happy Tuesday All!

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  1. JBrades01 says:

    it’s so nice to send some time send=spend

    Nice pics. Thanks for taking our photos.

  2. Aunt Barb says:

    Great pictures … Thanks for sharing! Anxious for the wedding day 🙂

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