April 23, 2015

Last week we took a trip Pittsburgh (so fun.) On our trip we met up with Matt & Johanna one of our 2014 couples who are coming up on their first anniversary. We planned a celebratory photo session on Johanna’s birthday, and it was such a fun time capturing their love. Anniversaries are so special and we are honored that we could be part of capturing this season of their love. In addition to meeting up with Matt & Johanna we also got to meet with one of our 2015 couples, Kaitlyn & Jack who are planning their June wedding. They are such a dear couple and we are so looking forward to their ballroom wedding.

The trip was a breath of fresh air for me, a much needed reminder of the value of rest. Hugo and I are big fans of road trips. In my mind there’s nothing like a long car ride. For me long car rides are where I do some of my best thinking. Car rides are where break through conversations happen and all of a sudden I get clarity about a project I’ve been working on, a decision that needs to be made, or simply about matters of the heart. On this particular trip we had planned to drive there and back in one day, however as I thought it through more I worried about how our first trip with our three month old daughter would go at that kind of pace. Hugo being the kind and thoughtful husband that he is, took action on my behalf and booked us a hotel so that we could enjoy a little more of our time in the Steel City. There are times when things need to get done, and sometimes trips need to be fast, and then there are times that call for a slower pace. There is a time to run, and a time to walk, and a time to climb a mountain and take in the views. Here are a few photos from our adventures. We stayed at the lovely Mansions on 5th, if you’ve ever in Pittsburgh and looking for a place to stay, we would highly recommend them.

Happy Thursday ALL!


Remember Johanna & Matt, are they not just the sweetest!?!? I love their natural ease in front of the camera and their depth of love towards one another. Johanna & Matt may you always be encouraged to continue loving each other without fail. Year after year your love only becomes more beautiful.

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