June 24, 2015

We all know how important it is to rest, and we all know we need to slow down at some point, but I truly believe we live in an age that can under value the importances of  “rest.” Did you ever hear the saying “I’ll sleep when I die.” That’s good and all, hard work is so important, but there is a season for everything, rest has it’s place in all of our lives.

This past season Hugo and I have been shooting weddings just about ever weekend. Just in the month of May alone we shot nine weddings. So to say the least we were busy, and we love it! We wouldn’t have it any other way, we valued all nine of those weddings so much, and each of our clients are so important to us and we love being part of their BIG days. But in the mist of all that work we needed to find time to refresh, so that we can give our best to our clients, each other, and to our little lady. Here are a few keys to how we rest well, because not all rest is equal. (Enjoy these images from our recent trip to Fredericksburg, VA)







Be Intentional 

We truly believe it’s so important to have a day of rest, a season of rest, and a moment of rest.

Your day of rest doesn’t have to be the same day every week, just as long as you give yourself at least one day. There are some weeks where we will shoot a wedding on a Saturday and Sunday, and then we choose to make Monday our day of rest instead of our normal Sunday. Make sure you schedule it, or have a routine, otherwise you won’t do it

A season of rest, would be a vacation, a time away from the daily grind, with the one’s you love, so that you can sleep in, refresh, be inspired, eat good food, and of course just rest. Vacations help us not to burn out, they also help inspire us and ultimately remind of the things we value most.

A moment of rest, would be the time you set aside each day to be still. Whether it’s in the morning or the end of the day. Hugo and I chose to start our day by reading our bibles, praying, reflecting, and often with cup of coffee together. We find that this helps set the tone of our day. It helps us stay focused, grateful, and ultimately helps us be more productive. If you go, go, go from the time you wake up in the morning till the time your head hits the pillow at night, you’re setting yourself up to burn out more quickly.

Prepare to Rest

Preparing for rest may seem kind of contradicting, however I believe it’s one of the best ways to rest well. There is value in responding to all the emails in your inbox, finishing up that important project, cleaning up the house, or whatever you need to get done so that you can rest without distractions. If you have emails hanging over your head, dirty dishes in the sink, or a project that keeps nagging for your time, you probably wouldn’t be at peace. So sometimes it’s worth putting in the extra hour or two before your day of rest so that you truly have a “day of rest.” Now I’m not saying try and finish everything you need to get done before you rest, if that was the case none of us would ever rest. Know yourself though, if that uncompleted project is going to distract you from resting well, then rearrange your schedule so that you can complete it or even delegate the task to an outside source so that you can relax. It’s easy to think you’re a failure if you can’t “do it all” but the truth is we’re human, and we can’t do it all without burning out, so don’t be afraid to bring in outside help if you need it.

Cut the Noise

There are some days of rest that require a big bowl of popcorn and a Tom Hanks movie marathon (Tom Hanks if our personal favorite.) But if TV shows, movies, social media is your one and only way of winding down, then you are missing a lot. I think when people think about rest, we often think of mindlessly sipping lemonade on some beach or of hitting “watch next episode” on Netflix. But rest is about investing in ourselves, and investing in our relationships. Making sure we are intentional about growing, learning, sharing, and giving our precious time and attention to the one’s we love. A few examples of how Hugo and I do this, is that we are intentional to be plugged into our local church, so that we are growing in our faith, friendships, and serving others. We also are intentional about sharing meals with our family and friends, and we even try and read books that we know will push us to grow and learn.

Those are just a few of the ways we are intentional about resting well. How do you choose to rest? What’s your favorite place to vacation, or how do you start your day well? We want to hear from you. We’re also excited to share photos from our upcoming vacation with our family next week to the great state of New York! Can’t wait to share more with you all.

Happy Wednesday!



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