May 16, 2015

Today on the blog we are sharing a little recap of our recent trip to the great state of Tennessee.This past winter soon after Gloria was born, I walked into our office to find Hugo with a suspiciously large grin on his face. I immediately knew something was up. He proceeded to tell me he had bought me a birthday gift and that it was a secret. Then ten seconds later he told me he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. (We’re not very good at the whole secret thing.) The gift he bought me was a seat at Zach & Jody Gray’s  IN-CAMERA workshop Business & Marketing day! Now you must understand the significance of the gift, I have been following Zach & Jody’s work for years, have been inspired by their genuine hearts, faith, business savvy, and overall amazing work! So obviously my natural reaction to the gift was to “shut down.” I mean Hugo wasn’t sure if I was upset, going to cry, or pass out. I personally would have never booked the seat for myself. I would have come up with some kind of excuse, probably along the lines of “we have a baby, and we can’t drive eleven hours southwest for me to attend a workshop”. (Which at the time, I didn’t actually know that’s how long it takes to drive there.)

Thank goodness Hugo’s always got my back, and is willing to push me outside of my comfort zone. I’m always amazed by how God uses this man to stretch the limits of what I think is feasible. During our trip we stayed with previous clients of ours Lindsay & Tyler. We were so blessed by their willingness to open their beautiful home to us. We were truly in good hands. One of my biggest take aways from this trip was “hospitality”. This couple so willingly and graciously shared so much with us, from their beautiful home, good conversations about life and business, amazing food, and many laughs. (They even convinced Hugo to try Thai food.) It blesses my heart so much to have such awesome friends all over the globe, and inspires me to continue to give without limits, to share without reserve. Lindsay is the owner and photographer at Lindsay Campbell Photography, and I would highly encourage you to check out her work, it is phenomenal! Seriously sit down and grab a cup of coffee and check out this woman’s blog, this lady is going places with her beautiful heart and work. I’m so excited for what the future holds for her and Tyler.

Along with being inspired by such a warm welcomed and stay in Tennessee, I don’t want to leave out my time at Zach & Jody’s IN-CAMERA workshop. After around seven hours of talking business and marketing, I must confess my head was spinning a bit. There was so much valuable information shared at this workshop, and I would highly recommend the workshop. I walked away feeling inspired and equipped. One of my favorite parts of the day was talking about the Value of “Mission and Vision”. In the the midst of running a business, between clicking the shutter, editing, emails, and all the other daily responsibilities it is so important to remember the “why” of what we do. Without a defined purpose, a written mission, and a set of values we get lost in the daily grind, and lose sight of the bigger picture. It would be trying to walk in a straight line without a point of reference, you will eventually find yourself walking in a circle, without even knowing it. As we start walking in a straight line, following that point of reference, growth will follow.

Growing can be scary, sometimes even daunting, it would be much easier to stay in a comfort zone and remain at the same place in life, like a stagnant pond, stuck, out of life and more importantly not flowing. It is easy to grow when you are a child, it happens by nature, we see this every day with our little baby. Always learning, always trying something new, but for some reason it becomes more difficult as we get older, the truth is growth only happens if we are intentional about it. If we set time apart to invest in ourselves, to drive eleven plus hours to go and learn. We are challenging ourselves to not only define the “Mission and Vision” for our business, but to also be intentional about growing, sometimes it takes someone to be by your side to tell you “it is possible”, to tell you “you can do it”, a simple “I believe in you” can take you places you would had never imagined before. I am so glad I get to do not only business, but also life with Hugo by my side, He is always there to encourage me and I am always there when he needs to be encouraged!

There you have it folks, find that person who encourages you and go out there and encourage others. Be intentional about growing and learning, you will not regret it.

Here are some images from our trip, enjoy.

Happy Saturday!









Here are our awesome hosts! Lindsay & Tyler!




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