March 31, 2015

I first became interested in photography while I was on a mission trip. A lot of the dear people on our team had “big” cameras. At the time I didn’t know a thing about photography. I didn’t even know that those “big” cameras are called DSLR cameras, but I found myself thinking I wanted one. At the time I was fourteen years old and certainly didn’t have the money to buy one, but I was still enamored. I dreamed about getting a camera, and most of all I prayed about it (just about everyday.) My wonderful parents always encouraged us to pursue the things we loved, and on my fifteenth birthday my Dad and Mom took me to a local camera store and bought me my very first “big” camera.


Today we’re talking about gear. What cameras we use and what cameras we have used in the past. My first camera was Canon Rebel xti, a sweet little camera that served me well for many years. (Pictured Above) It was the perfect camera to learn and grow with. It was easy to understand, but also allowed me to learn the basics of photography. I shot just about everything on that camera, including weddings. From there I upgraded to the Canon 7D.


The 7D was great and is great, we still use it as a backup camera now a days. I remember when I first bought it I was so scared to invest. I knew that buying it meant that I was “going for it.” I was going to pursue photography not solely as a hobby anymore but as a career. If I recall correctly it took me about a hour or so to get up the courage to press the “add to cart” button. Years down the road as the 7D grew older and business started to expand it was time to upgrade. I had my eye on one camera in particular, that being the 5D Mark iii *swoon.*  Again though I worried about investing, thankfully I was married to dear Hugo who is always eager to encourage me to “got for it” even when it may seem scary. It’s amazing for me to see where I came from. Shooting weddings as a shy teenager on a canon rebel, to finally taking a leap and investing in the cameras I thought I’d only ever dream about owning.

Now I’ll be one of the first to say that photography is so much more then the tools we use, but nevertheless it is important. It is so valuable to have equipment that serves you well and having gear that will help you produce images that you love. So today I want to speak to those of you who are dreaming about new gear, or just dreaming in general. Whether you are buying your very first DSLR, or you have your eye on a beautiful lens that’s a little more then you want to spend. For so long I was just afraid, and it took someone coming along side of me and telling me “I could do it!” So here I am today saying “YOU CAN DO IT!” Maybe it’s not even about gear, maybe it’s that you’re wanting to start your own business, or maybe you’re just wanting to learn photography in general, never let fear stop you. Do your research, find what you love, work hard, pray about it, and surround yourself with people who will encourage you to take that leap, and then go out and do it! Invest in what you love, serve your clients well, create beautiful images. And know that sometimes it will take a little time, but don’t give up on what you love, and don’t settle for less. You can do it! Years ago I would have never guessed I would have the cameras I do today, a business, or that my day job would be doing what I love most. From personal experience, it’s all worth it, and the journey will be incredible.


And now that I got all inspiration speaker on you. Here is a list of the links to the cameras that we are using. We are going to be expanding on their post, and writing more about the lens we use, why we use them, and what we love about them. For now Happy Tuesday, hope it’s terrific!

Canon 7D – We love the speed and auto focus on this guy. He’s served us well

Canon 5D Mark iii – Don’t even get me started I love this camera. Captures sharp and clear images, is well worth the investment.

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