July 28, 2015

Janae and I work as a husband and wife team, which means we don’t have to coordinate a second photographer for every wedding that we shoot. However in certain circumstances, we double book a weekend, so Janae photographs one wedding while I am photographing a different one.

It is on weekends like these when need to have second photographers that we know will do a great job. We have gotten to know Sarah through an internship that we did together at the Gateway House of Prayer, and at some point Sarah must have mentioned that she enjoyed photography, and through the process of getting to know her we thought she would be a great second photographer if we ever needed one. Since then Sarah has helped us photograph several weddings.

This year I started working full time along side Janae and that allowed me to shoot a few more wedding than last year, so we started contacting Sarah and checking if she would be available to help us.

One of Sarah’s close relatives is going into missions in Southeast Asia. And while shooting the first wedding of the year with me, she mentioned that this year she had decided to give everything she made through photography to support her family as they enter the mission field. She told me that almost immediately after she made the decision we started contacting her with lots of dates for her to help us photographing weddings. We feel so blessed and inspired by Sarah’s generosity, and even though we weren’t exactly trying, we are able to be a blessing to Sarah’s relatives going into missions, what an honor! Sarah is such a kind person, easy to work with, always going the extra mile. She is not only a great second photographer, she also has referred plenty of people to us, and has become a dear friend of ours. Thank you Sarah for all you do for us, we are so grateful!

Sarah’s generosity inspired us to write this post about her and open up a door for you to be able to be a blessing also, this is the first time we have done something like this with our blog, and we are excited, if you would like to get more information about the cause Sarah is supporting and would like to give to support her relatives, send an email to and we will get you in contact with the family Sarah is supporting.

We hope this post, encourages you, just as much as it encouraged us!

Have a blessed Tuesday!







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