Today is the day that we say “adios amigo” to 2019, and we embrace 2020. The beginning of this decade is when I began to dabble with the idea of starting my own wedding photography business. If you would have told me ten years ago what my life would look like today, I don’t think […]

How is it that we are saying good-bye to 2018 already! I’m pretty sure I just got used to writing 2018 on all our documents, and now 2019 is just days away. New Year’s is actually one of our favorite holidays! I love the promise and hope of a new beginning, and the anticipation of […]

Hey Everyone! This is our final week of team introductions, and we can’t wait for you to hear a little more about Shelby & Anthony. We’d probably go as far as saying they are the hippest members of the Janae Rose Photography Team. 😉 From their love of good coffee, and their knowledge of all […]

Hello & Happy Hump Day! Anyone else get pretty excited about Wednesday. This week has been a different one for us, it included a trip to Philly and New York City for engagement photo sessions! That’s right, trying to get all our work covered before baby girl arrives. 😉 We’ve got a really good post for […]

Hello & Happy Thursday, so this post was scheduled for yesterday, but this week life has kicked us into full blown nesting mode, and somehow it completely slipped my mind to press to publish this one yesterday. However as the saying goes better late than never. Especially because this post is about Sarah & Simeon, […]

Hello! As you may have seen we launched some super exciting news this past week about how our team is growing. And if you haven’t already heard, these people are absolutely incredible! We did some minor introductions last week, however we wanted to really dive in deep and allow you to get to know everyone […]

Hello and Happy Good Friday Everyone! We’re excited to be sharing this post, because it contains some very exciting news! Janae Rose Photography is GROWING. That’s right, we are pregnant, but that’s old news. 😉 Aside from our family growing, our team is also growing, and we’re SO excited about it. As you may remember […]

We had every intention of getting 2017’s Behind the Scenes up in the year 2017, but hey better late then never. 2016’s Behind the Scenes post was a big hit, so we figured we’d bring it back. And we’re just going to say that this time around we’ve got way more hilarious, ridiculous, embarrassing content. We’d say […]

Y‘ALL, we are so excited to share this with you. Since the start of Janae Rose Photography, we have dreamed about growing and increasing our team. Rewind even more years back, to when we met Sarah in 2013. At the time we had no clue that we would be adding her and her awesome husband, […]

Two years ago we threw around the idea of doing a behind the scenes post, the more I talked about it the more fun I thought it would be, until I realized that we literally never take any behind the scenes photos. So in 2016 we set out to be more intentional about grabbing a few […]