September 23, 2020

We will forever have a special place in our hearts for cultural fusion weddings, and Eddie & Lavanya’s wedding day was a true dream to be a part of. We feel so incredibly honored anytime a couple invites us to be a part of preserving their memories, and there is something that touches are hearts even extra when an entire family welcomes us with open arms, and Eddie & Lavanya’s families did exactly that! We felt as if we were not solely “photographers” but welcomed guests and participants in celebrating this beautiful couple joining their lives together. 

Eddie & Lavanya’s wedding day may have looked a little different then originally intended, but there was no lack of joy, love, or great food! We so enjoyed seeing how Eddie & Lavanya interact with one another, they are tender and playful all at the same time, and capturing them walk around their family’s backyard taking in all the details and feeling of their wedding day was a memory that we will treasure forever. 

Eddie & Lavanya we are so happy for you. Thank you x1,000,000 for allowing us to capture these precious memories for you. It was an honor to capture both your meaningful and beautiful wedding ceremonies. We look forward to celebrating with you further in the future!

  1. Ben Weiss says:

    Beautiful, absolutely wonderful. Thank you two for doing such a fantastic job of capturing an amazing day.

  2. sasikalakasi says:

    Wonderful pictures. God bless you abundantly

  3. Usha Sivakumar says:

    You are amazing artists capturing really special moments. May you continue sharing your talents in the future and thank you for the gifts.

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