June 21, 2019

It has been years since I’ve been at Brandywine Manor House, and it was so special to finally be back there for Alyssa + Andrew’s wedding day! I remember two years ago when we sat on our couch with this amazing couple and talked about their wedding day that felt like it was forever away. As we sat there Hugo said, “It will be here before we know it.” And you know that’s exactly what happen. 

Alyssa + Andrew are SO fun. We couldn’t stop laughing on their wedding day! These two have incredible family and friends who really surrounded them with a well of support and tangible love on their wedding day! Some of favorite moments included getting to watch everyone cut it up on the dance floor, the amazing arrival of Penny’s Ice Cream Truck, and watching Alyssa + Andrew joke and laugh with each other all day long!

We’re SO excited for you all to see the incredible joy and fun that this couple and their wedding day embodied! Alyssa + Andrew, we hope you have the BEST time on your honeymoon, and we hope that these images always put a smile on your face, and remind you of your the steadfast love you have together!

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