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 P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

Hello Everyone! We’re excited that we get to turn this blog post over to the AMAZING Sarah & Simeon, they’ve been rocking it over here lately, and you’re about to see a whole lot of their amazing work flooding the blog real soon! For now we’ll let them take this one away. They’ll be photographing […]

Hello & Happy Day! We have very few regrets about how things went when we were pregnant with our first daughter, Gloria. However the only one we have was that we didn’t have maternity photos taken. Don’t ask what we were thinking! I mean we’re photographers for goodness sakes, you’d think we’d have our act […]

Engagement photo session season is upon us again, and we can’t say that we’re mad about it! In fact, engagement photo sessions have to be one of our favorite parts of our job. We get to spend some quality time with incredibly in love couples, and talk about their future plans, their current goals, and […]

Hello & Happy Thursday, so this post was scheduled for yesterday, but this week life has kicked us into full blown nesting mode, and somehow it completely slipped my mind to press to publish this one yesterday. However as the saying goes better late than never. Especially because this post is about Sarah & Simeon, […]

We had every intention of getting 2017’s Behind the Scenes up in the year 2017, but hey better late then never. 2016’s Behind the Scenes post was a big hit, so we figured we’d bring it back. And we’re just going to say that this time around we’ve got way more hilarious, ridiculous, embarrassing content. We’d say […]

Hello & Happy Tuesday! It’s Sarah & Simeon here. This is a very special wedding we get to share today. Not only is this couple amazing, but Britt is my (Sarah’s) cousin! This was our first time shooting a family wedding and it was so special to be a part of it. We never felt […]

Hello & Happy Friday! Sarah Y Simeon here to share another beautiful wedding they photographed this past September! “We have another exciting wedding day to share with you! Will and Priscilla are so great and we had an awesome time getting to know them and capture their day. I (Sarah) knew Priscilla’s family and played […]

What a great wedding we get to share with you today! Matt and Rachel were so fun to be around and photograph! They got married in the small town of Bethel, PA. Matt and many of his relatives live in this area and it was neat to be able to capture images at several family […]

Hello & Happy Friday! We are so happy that on this gorgeous Friday we get to share this amazing wedding with you all. Allison & Andrew’s day was captured by Sarah & Simeon, and we’re going to let them take it from here… “We are so excited to share Andrew and Allison’s wedding day. This couple […]

Happy Tuesday Everyone! We’re in the thick of wedding season right now, and we’ve got a lot of great wedding to share with you this whole week long! You read that right, we will be sharing an AMAZING wedding each day all week long! So make sure to check our blog every day this week! […]