November 7, 2017

Hello & Happy Tuesday! It’s Sarah & Simeon here. This is a very special wedding we get to share today. Not only is this couple amazing, but Britt is my (Sarah’s) cousin! This was our first time shooting a family wedding and it was so special to be a part of it. We never felt like it was work but that we were there to help celebrate their special day.

Growing up Britt was always the one with the bright smile on her face and always willing to talk and ask you about your life. She is always full of life and has the sweetest heart. We were so excited that we got the chance to photograph her wedding day. We have enjoyed getting to know Nick more through this process too! They compliment each other so well. Nick shares many of the same characteristics we love about Britt.

Nick is such a fun guy and as him and the groomsmen were getting ready it was fun for me (Simeon) to be there taking the pictures but also laughing right along with them. Nick and I even figured out that we were about to become cousin-in-law-in-laws.

The wedding took place at the beautiful Copper Horse Barn in Ephrata. At the first look Britt and Nick exchanged intimate handwritten vows and letters. They had such ease and natural affection for each other and taking their pictures was a joy and the time was filled with plenty of laughter from both us and them! We even got to have their dog Bailey join us for some portraits!

The ceremony and reception were filled with such love and laughter and support from family. Britt and her dad have always shared a love for music. For the Father/Daughter dance they did a evolution of dance through her musics tastes from childhood to now, ranging from rap to pop to rock. It was so fun! Her sisters also gave a hilarious Princess Diary inspired toast that had everyone laughing. And Nick’s family even organized a surprise flash mob, leading to a night of great dancing! What a reception!

Britt and Nick, we feel so honored that we got to share this day with you, and to capture it for you. We hope these images will always remind you of the joy and love from that day and the promises you vowed to each other.

We love you!

Sarah and Simeon


  1. Dianna says:

    They are sooo great!!

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