August 8, 2019

Julia + Chris’s wedding was so special to be a part of! We were SO happy that we got to capture their special day for them, and loved that they came to Lancaster to be with their friends and family for the BIG day. Julia and Chris live in Alabama currently, as Julia is in veterinarian school, and if you’ve ever planned a wedding from afar then you’ll know that it’s no simple task. However Julia and Chris were so clearly surrounded by an incredible support system, and we loved seeing their friends and family celebrate their love. 

They were married at the Cork Factory in Lancaster, it’s been several years since we have been there, so it was wonderful to be back. The Cork Factory offers incredible service, food, and industrial spaces that were perfect to capture portraits! Julia + Chris have such a tender and caring love for each other, and we loved seeing that unfold in front of our cameras! In addition their bridal party surrounded them with such love, laugher, and all the good vibes!

All of Julia + Chris’s wedding was amazing, but one of our favorite moments was at their reception where they sawed a log together as part of a Germany tradition in Julia’s family. It was such a fun part of their reception, and everyone LOVED it. P.S Julia and Chris did an awesome job! Also at their reception Julia’s father made a speech in which he shared a story about how years ago he bought a case of wine from a French winery, from the year that each of his daughters were born to share on their wedding day. The speech was so meaningful and a true token of his love for Julia and their family! Such a special moment, and it left Hugo and myself pretty much in tears!

Julia + Chris, your wedding day was such a treasure. We hope that you always look back on these memories with fondness and joy, and that you feel the tangible love that was present on your wedding day! It was such a treat for us to capture your wedding, and be a part of your big moments. We hope to see you again soon, and best wishes in all of your studies and future!

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