September 21, 2016

You know when you have a dream and desire in your heart, and you know that is the “right” thing to do, but you somehow manage to put it in the back burner for a little while, well this is how we felt about this blogpost and the ones to come in this series, and we could not be more excited that it has finally arrived!

Back in the winter time, when there is usually more time to think and come up with new and exciting ideas, as well as re-kindle old and long term one’s, Hugo and I shared a very meaningful and productive mornings as we sat around a table and talked about the passion in our hearts for marriage and how privileged we are that we get to work on the wedding industry. We truly have our dream jobs and would not change them for anything, not only do we love the fact that we get to work together, but we absolutely LOVE the fact that we get to work with so many amazing couples in what will become one of the most important days of their lives! The thought that “these beautiful images will not only make for a pretty for a pretty blog post, but that they will help remember this day for generations to come”, is always present in our minds as we capture a wedding day.

However our hearts not only rejoice because we get to work in what will become one of the most important days of our clients lives, but also in the fact that we get to witness them commit their lives to one another in holy marriage. It is a this point that our hearts get lit on fire as we want to see all of these young married couples (including ourselves) thrive in what can be one of the most daunting challenges in life: MARRIAGE!

In a society that often times wants to decrease the value of marriage and family and with statistics of as much as 40 t0 50% of marriages ending in a divorce, we want to encourage newly married couples to look forward into the future and know that although it is not easy and it will not be easy, there is hope! Hugo and I recently celebrated our 3 anniversary! Yay! So naturally we are no experts at this whole marriage thing and most likely our advice could be limited by our experience, so we thought it would be a great idea to reach out to couples near or around us, that have gone before us, people that have been married and even have had the pleasure of enjoying seeing a generation or two spring out of the love that one day they pledge to one another! Our hope is that not mattering the season your marriages are in, you will feel encouraged, uplifted and inspired with by our Everlasting Love Blog series, this series will share the story of a different couple / family once a month, so without further ado, we are excited to release our first feature ever.

Glen and Kay are family friends,  Glen is an elder at our church and they run a local mechanical business together. Glen and Kay have 3 children, and 8 grandchildren all under 5, so their house is always a party!

Here are a few questions we got to ask them, as well as a few portraits I got to capture for them! Have a great Wednesday!

How did you two meet?

We met through mutual friends who then were our best man and maid of honor in our wedding.

How long have you been married?

We have been married for 39 years

What has been the hardest and easiest elements of your married years?

Probably the hardest has been to accept each other differences, as we are really opposite, but through all these years have seen how those differences are good for one another and balance each other out.  The easiest is that we truly are friends and really enjoy being together and working together.

For her, How do you balance being a mom, grandmother, wife and employee (if aplicable)? And what advice would to a wife and a mother?

I have had seasons of life when balancing everything in my life was a challenge.  I am the kind of person that feels like I need to be there for everyone, people pleaser and have a hard time saying no.   I have learned through burnout, emotional and physical exhaustion that I have to take care of myself spiritually and physically first, and it’s okay to say no.  I’m still not perfect at this, but I try to plan each week in a way that I have balance.  My advice to a wife and mother.  We have always kept our relationship as husband and wife to take first place even over our children.  Date nights, anniversary weekend away if possible.  Your children are so much more secure when they see how much you love one another.  Also, relax and don’t be so uptight about children and marriage.  It’s so easy to compare and put pressure on ourselves.  Have fun and enjoy every moment, it may sound cliche, but these years will pass too quickly.

For him, what advice you would give to a husband and a father?

Learn to serve your wife and make her feel cherished.  Glenn’s quote he often says, “Happy wife, Happy life.”  As a father take the lead and responsibility for your family.

What are your some of your favorite places to go on a date?

Restaurants (sometimes fine dining, or more casual like sushi, etc.)  Good movie.  We enjoy walking together and going to places like Long Wood Gardens.

What are some activities you enjoy doing together?

Cooking and entertaining for family and friends.  Keeping the grandchildren.
Traveling together far away or close to home.

What is one of the favorite places you have visited together? And do you have any “DREAM” trips you would like to go on?

One of our favorite places was going to Hawaii for 25th anniversary.  Our dream trips are Switzerland and Italy (hopefully next year for our 40th anniversary) and Africa.

What advice would you give to a newly married couple?

Never take each other for granted.  A good marriage takes work and always strive to work things out and not let things build up over the years.  The happiness of your spouse should always be your goal.  Enjoy the journey together and never forget the love that brought you together.

































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