May 2, 2019

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”—Maya Angelou

These photos put such a smile on my face. Love is so contagious, and I always tell Hugo when we’re coming home from a photo session, how I find myself smiling unintentionally. This session made me feel particularly that way. If you know Tory & Brian then I have a feeling you might understand this! These two have a way of making you feel like a friend instantly!

One of the things that I strive for when capturing an engagement photo session is to make the couple feel like they were just on a date where some photos happened to take place. As Tory & Brian’s engagement photos were wrapping up I couldn’t help but feel like Hugo and I personally had just been on a super cool double date with our new friends Tory & Brian! For their photos we went to Franklin Field. We also walked around the Penn Campus, found one of the famous Love statues, and then headed over to the river! Tory & Brian were so thoughtful and intentional in the planning of their session. They chose Franklin Field, because of their love for running, and the fact that they actually met through a running group! Brian also attended Penn, so the whole area holds a lot of meaning to this couple. As we were venturing through the campus Brian was telling us about each of the buildings and a bunch of history about the area. It was the best! We all joked that he could be a Penn tour guide.

We wrapped up the photo session down by the water and Art Institute, there were a lot of people around on a Saturday evening, and yet Tory & Brian made it feel like we were the only one’s there! It’s really hard for me to say which is my favorite image. There are SO many!

Tory & Brian, we’re so excited for you in this next season. You have such an exciting journey ahead of you, and we hope these images always remind you of the fun you have together, and the joy of planning for your wedding and preparing for marriage! We can’t wait for your wedding day! Its going to be GREAT!

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