October 19, 2018

Y’all their is a wild story that goes along with this amazing engagement photo session! Let’s start by saying that Katy & Chris are just straight up wonderful, and their ability to be so flexible and go with the flow is truly beautiful, and I can’t stop talking about how wonderful they are! We choose Hawk Mountain for their engagement photo session, because it fits their adventurous spirts, and their love for hiking. Little did we know was that it would start to rain half way through our hike! AH (Y’all I promise the forecast was calling for only a 20% chance of rain!) We started this session off dry, and half way through the hike just figured we’d climb to the top and then figure it out from there. We hid under the roof of the bathroom, and waited. Hoping it would blow over. Katy & Chris don’t live out of state, and this date for their session was one of the very few that fit into all of our schedules! AHH So we waited and wait, and it didn’t really seem like we would catch a break.

After a while we decided we just head out to the overlook in the rain and either chance it or embrace it! Well what happened after that was truly awesome. We hiked out in some pretty dense fog, (not the best for overlook photos!) However the fog started to clear and the rain stopped and the depth and texture of the rolling fog and clouds created was one of my favorite backdrops ever!

Katy & Chris, we can’t thank you enough! You two were so flexible and never complained once about the rain. Plus I had so much fun capturing you interact in front of my camera. You’re love is truly contagious, and y’all have the greatest smiles! We are so honored we get to capture this season of your lives together! We hope these images always remind you of that rainy hike and the beauty that unfolded afterwards. Best of wishes as you prepare for your wedding and lives together! Enjoy this preview of your engagement photos.

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