August 15, 2018

I could tell you a hundred reasons why Anniversary Photo Sessions are the BEST, but I kind of think that these images speak for themselves. If there is one thing that we are trying to do better in our own lives, it is making sure that we take lots of photos as a couple. When we first starting dating we took as many pictures as humanly possible. Every date, every silly little moment, it happened, we documented it. 😉 However I think for a lot of couples their engagement and marriage rolls around and it seems like that is where the photos end.

Life is worth celebrating, the big and the little alike! And one of the ways of celebrating is by having photos taken. I think a lot of times we think of photos as this really stiff and pretty unpleasant experience, however anniversary photos are not like that. You get to go on whatever adventure you want, you get to cuddle with your person, and that is why we LOVE anniversary photo sessions!

Megan & Shawn were married a little over a year ago, and you might remember them from their beautiful wedding day. In the process of booking their wedding, they had a family member shoot their engagement photo session, so they choose to have us capture an Anniversary photo session for them one year later! YAY! It was SO great getting to see this couple again, their so joyful and easy going, and I love that they choose such a beautiful adventurous location for their anniversary photo session.

We’ve got so many favorite from this session, and for now we’ll stop going on and on about how GREAT Megan & Shawn are, and let you see for yourself. Thank you Megan & Shawn again for trusting us with your wedding day, and now these beautiful memories. You two are incredible!

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