October 24, 2017

Hello, and hope your week is starting off well! There are lots of places that we love taking photos at, and Lancaster City is definitely on our list of favorites. The city is so full of texture and interesting backdrops, and this engagement photo session with Lauren & Nick has us practically giddy. Remember Sarah & Simeon, (they are amazing photographer’s here at Janae Rose Photography) well Lauren in Sarah’s cousin, and it such an honor getting to work with this couple. In the past Hugo and I have gotten to photograph weddings for our cousins, and we love that now Sarah & Simeon are able to do that same for theirs.

For this session Sarah and I (Janae) shot together. It is SO great getting to shoot with Sarah. It’s rare that we get to photograph couples together anymore, and when we do, it’s always so fun. We are really able to bounce off of each other creatively, and that is always a treat! Lauren & Nick were such pros in front of the cameras. It’s intimidating being in front of one camera, let alone two, and they nailed it! Sarah could probably speak to this much more then I can, but just from the few interactions I’ve had with Lauren & Nick, I am so impressed by their sincerity, joy, and overall friendliness. These two have such kind hearts, and we know everyone is already counting down the days to their fall wedding.

Lauren & Nick, we can’t thank you enough for allowing us to be part of this season of your journey. You are so fun to capture, and we loved wandering around the city with you. Grabbing iced coffee, and seeing all the fun you two have just being together. Best of wishes as you walk together in this new season, we’re big fans of marriage over here, and we know you’re going to love it. We hope these images always remind you of this beautiful journey you’re on together.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Steve DiPiano says:

    Very nice!

  2. Elaine DiPiano says:

    Love, love, love!!!

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