October 24, 2018

Hello! Happy Wednesday! Y’all it constantly amazes me how quickly time passes. We are coming up on a trip to Guatemala very soon! We’ve had this trip in the books since the winter time, and we’ve been anticipating it for what seems like a very long time, and now it’s just weeks away! We liken October being to photographers as April is to accountants. And as you may have noticed that we’ve got a lot of great weddings and content coming at you through the weeks, that’s due to this season being a little faster paced then normal! With at all that said this incredible wedding that we are sharing today was captured by the amazing Sarah & Simeon! They’re are good friends and an associate team here at Janae Rose Photography, they would normally pop in and share a little more about this wedding day from their perspective, however in all the craziness of this month, I(Janae) failed to mentioned to them that I would be posting today, so I’m gonna take the reins on this one, and introduce y’all to Melissa & Mario. Here we go!

Melissa emailed us sometime back in the spring, telling us that her and Mario were engaged! We’ve gotten to know these two through our mutual friends Zach & Stevie. They hold a very special places in our hearts, because like us, they also are a multicultural couple! They met and fell in love Haiti, and their love story is one that we can really relate too. Immigration processes are not always the easiest, and we’ve been praying and hoping for this day for these two for a while now! We remember that time while we were apart waiting to be together again, and those season are not easy. HOWEVER, Melissa & Mario have made it, they’re MARRIED!

Sarah and Simeon, raved to us about this day, how relaxed and easy going it was. A truly beautiful celebration of this couple and their journey to marriage. Some of our personal favorite images from this day are after the ceremony as Melissa & Mario are hugging and celebrating with all their friends and family! YAY!

Melissa & Mario, we could not be more thrilled for you. Marriage is such a blessing, and we are so excited for you as you start your lives together! Good things are ahead of you, and we hope to see y’all again real soon!

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