January 30, 2020

Getting to share these photos with you all today is so exciting for me! I loved getting to capture Abigail & Randy in their home! This past fall we hosted an instagram contest where we gave away two photo sessions, and Abigail & Randy were one of the winners. I first met Abigail a few years ago when I photographed her sister Amber’s wedding. I’ve always admired and appreciated Abigail’s kindness and encouraging spirit, her and her whole family are incredibly thoughtful! So it was fun to get her and Randy in front of my camera for an extended period this time!

Abigail is a talented photographer herself, capturing amazing interiors, real estate, and beautiful branding. It’s always an honor we we get to work with people in the same industry as us. Do yourself a favor and check out her work HERE. We always strive to create a custom and unique experience that speaks to who a couple is, and one of the things I love about this portrait session is that I feel it really embodies that for Abigail & Randy.

The first half of this session we captured at Abigail and Randy’s home. This couple has amazing style, and their home was such a treat to work in, with its massive windows and warm pink accents it really was a dream. After sipping coffee at home we headed to Lancaster City, which is the place were Abigail & Randy first met! I love how this session overall has two very different feels, and I adore both. The at-home portion is bright and warm, and in the city we played into the contrast and depth of the architecture that the city provides.

Abigail & Randy, it was such a joy to capture you in your home and in your city. You have such a beautiful love, and I so enjoyed seeing how you love on each other as I “snapped” away. Your photo session was good for my creative soul, and the vision you brought to it inspired me! Thank you for allowing us to capture these moments for you!

  1. Abigail Jeter says:

    Ahh Janae! Thank you for these kinds words! After the show, I told Randy that that was such a fun date! 2 hours of smiling, looking at him walking around hand in hand was such a joy. Thank you for capturing us and blessing us with these!

  2. Abigail Jeter says:

    *after our shoot! Not show 🙂 i

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