April 22, 2016

Happy Friday! I think Friday may just be our favorite day of the week. As much as we love the weekends and shooting weddings, Friday is kind of like the new Saturday for us. We rise a little later, make a big breakfast, drink a large cup of coffee or two. We try and devote this day to relaxing and dreaming, and (and sometimes laundry.)


We thought we’d share a little #fridayintroduction today. It’s been a while since we’ve shared about ourselves here, and wanted to get reacquainted with you all again. Today we are sharing five facts about us.

  • We are Hugo and Janae, a husband and wife wedding photography team. Janae always dreamt that she would get to work along side of her husband someday even long before she met Hugo. Hugo always had an interest in photography, and upon meeting Janae together they made that dream come true.
  •  Although our calendar is filled with weddings, meetings, and photo sessions. We like to think of ourselves as spontaneous. We love to plan last minute hang outs, adventures, and even road trips.
  • We’re the parents of a precious one year old little lady. Her full name means “The Glory of God flowing down.” And it suits her so well. We are teaching her English and Spanish, and so far according to Hugo she says more Spanish words then English. 
  • The Captain America “Civil War” Movie premiers on May 5th, and it has been a hot topic of discussion in our house for the last half a year, or so. Needless to say we are very excited about it. Hugo is Team Iron Man and Janae is Team Cap, (or team popcorn, she’s ok with whatever happens in the movie, as long as there is popcorn.)
  • Guatemala is known as the land of eternal spring, and the land Hugo was born and raised in, it’s also where we met and fell in love. If you have not been there already, we want to take you. SERIOUSLY!!! One of our dreams is to one day take our friends and their cameras on a trip through Guatemala. Sharing our favorite foods and places with them, and exploring new ones. What do you think?!? Want to come along?!?

In honor of this beautiful Friday, and we’re doing a little movie theater gift card give-away on our Facebook page. One of our favorite date nights is going to the movies, and we want to give you all an opportunity to win your own movie night.


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