November 11, 2020

Last year when we captured Kendra & Dylan’s engagement photo session, I’ll never forget a moment in which Dylan asked me if I could take a portrait of just Kendra for him, one of only her to place on his desk at work. That moment and that request will always stick with me, because I believe it’s a testament to Dylan’s timeless and unrelenting love for his dear Kendra. We love all weddings, but this one in particular really resonated with with us. Not only was the style, aesthetic, and textures captivating, but Kendra & Dylan crafted a celebration that drew inspiration from throughout their lives and the lives of their family tree.

Kendra & Dylan were married on her parents homestead, a property that they have poured love and care into for many years as devoted horticulturists. They exchanged vows behind the garden shed by a planted floral arch crafted from flowers that spoke to the importance and value of fall on the homestead. Every detail was crafted beautifully and meaningfully, again calling to the value of family, friendship, and the hope of all that the future holds.

Kendra & Dylan, I was half in tears editing your images, you two have such kind and empathetic souls, and your wedding day felt like a love letter to each other and to those that surrounded you. Thank you for allowing us the great privilege of witnessing your union. We hope you enjoy this preview of a few of your many wedding images.

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