August 25, 2018

Happy Saturday! Hope you are having an amazing weekend, and we are super excited to hand this blog post over to Kelly & Andrei, because they were the ones who had the pleasure of shooting this incredible couples day. I’ll let them take it from here. 😉

Every moment of Lucy and Shawn’s special day was filled with such extravagant BEAUTY! From all of the gorgeous roses everywhere you turned your head, to the neutrals and blush pink accents and pearls, to the breath taking Nolde Forest views, it was such a dreamy day!

Lucy is a woman of true beauty inside and out, and the start of the day with her bridesmaids was just the sweetest. When Lucy walked in the room with her mom and her wedding dress on, her bridesmaids’ reaction was so priceless–and quite the tear jerker! I may have even been tearing up behind my lens! I could tell her bridesmaids really loved her a lot, and the joy that was in that room was uncontainable.

Shawn is so fun to be around, and all of his groomsmen were the best making Shawn laugh the whole day long! Andrei loved how relaxed Shawn’s personality was, making the whole day so much fun and so light hearted. You can tell Shawn has such a great sense of adventure, and that his dreamers’ heart is going to take him to amazing places as he treats everyone along the way with warmness, a smile, and sincerity.

What Andrei and I loved most about their special day was the incredible love, warmth, and kindness that Lucy and Shawn exude to each other, their bridal party, and everyone around them. Their whole day was such a beautiful reflection of their love for God, each other, and their families. The message that was shared at the wedding was such a perfect, beautiful symbol of the deep love that Lucy and Shawn share for each other. Shawn could barely hold back his tears the whole ceremony and we were having trouble holding back ours behind our lenses!

We loved how there were so many meaningful moments planned into their special day. Lucy and Shawn decided to share silent vows with each other in Nolde Forest, and it was such a priceless, treasured moment. The Father daughter dance and the mother son dance were some of the sweetest dances we’ve ever seen. Lucy’s dad couldn’t stop beaming a great huge smile at her the whole dance, especially when he would twirl her around. Shawn’s mom gave him one big hug their whole dance as she cried tears of happiness, and it was just the sweetest thing. The whole room had their eyes glued to the dance floor with so many “awww’s” in unison and tears coming from the reception hall every time she would lay her head back down on his chest and gently cry and hug him again.

Lucy and Shawn, thank you for trusting us with your precious moments, and for welcoming us into the front row seat of your special day. It was truly an honor, and we’re so excited for you to see a few of our many favorites!


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