October 10, 2018

One of the best things about being a part of the Janae Rose Photography team is being able to capture special moments in peoples lives and it is even more special when it is people who are near and dear to us. Morgan is my (Sarah) cousin and I am so happy to get to capture this season of her life! We grew up going to Ocean City, NJ with her family and I was so excited when she decided to have her session there! When we were young, we would go out on the beach at sunset and take pictures for fun every year. I am so glad I have come a long way in photography skills since then and that we can go back and take “real” pictures this time! Yay!
We are so grateful for the great weather to take pictures. The forecast was calling for rain on and off, but we had a gorgeous evening, and aside from a rouge seagull ice cream cone attack, it was perfect! Although they both admitted being nervous to have their images taken at first, Morgan and Cristian warmed up quickly and were so fun, relaxed, full of laughter and love. They are so cute together and complement each other in so many ways. We are so happy Morgan has found someone who loves her so well!  We can’t wait for their wedding next year and feel honored to be able to be apart of it. Cristian and Morgan, thanks for the fun day together, we can’t wait for you to see your images!


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