November 12, 2015

I can’t help but love date night, whether it’s spontaneous or planned, I always look forward to it with great excitement. From the start of our relationship Hugo and I have always tried our best to prioritize quality time together. When we first started dating we were long distance so our time actually face to face was rare, and few and far between, so we always cherished the time we have together. Now married for two and a half years, we still love our date nights. We love just celebrating life together, whether it is birthday’s, or those tiny day by day victories, we just love that we get to do life together. It is so important to invest in each other and invest in your relationship, and in honor of that today were sharing some of our favorite local places to go, and favorite date night activities.

Happy Thursday!

Arcade Night 

Hugo took me to an arcade for our first dates, and if I remember he beat me in air hockey at least three times. We finished the night with coffee and good conversation. I have such sweet memories from that date, and to this day I have the plastic princess scepter that Hugo got me with all those tickets we scored during our arcade adventure. Recently we decided we that should go on another arcade date again, so we went The Works in Wyomissing, and had such a blast. We may have been the only adults in the building, but we laughed so hard, and greatly improved our ski ball skills. Sometimes it’s good to just laugh, and not take life too seriously. We love the kind of dates that allow us to be silly and maybe even a little competitive.

Coffee & Dessert 

Hugo has taught me the joys of good coffee, I didn’t drink it much before we met, but I have been hooked. We love trying out new cafes in our area, and one of our favorites is Tomato Pie Cafe (where we got engaged.) Hugo doesn’t love eating a full meal there, so we often go for awesome coffee and dessert. I recommend there raw cappuccino, I get it every time. As far as dessert goes Hugo likes anything cheesecake. If your not big on coffee, try Fox Meadow’s Creamery. Hugo loves their White Chocolate Raspberry ice cream, and my favorite is there Wilbur Chocolate.

Movie Night

We love our movie nights, whether we’re at the theater or not it’s always fun. On our most recent date we saw “Bridge of Spies” which was phenomenal. Anything with Tom Hanks is amazing, and the movie is based on a true story, which makes it even better. Another movies that we are currently enjoying is “Jurassic World.” The movie theater can be pricey, so if you’re on a budget, we recommend the five dollar movie bin at Wal-Mart, there are always some great classic’s there.

Getting Outside

We’ve always loved a good outdoor adventure. One of our first adventures together was kayaking on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. More recently adventures include hiking to Governor Dick, and climbing up the overlook tower. We also ventured out to a near by boulder field at Hickory Run State Park.

Barnes & Nobles 

We love to learn together, and find it relaxing to go to a nearby Barnes & Nobles, maybe grab a Starbucks coffee, and page through an inspiration book, or read a one of our favorite business books. Hugo and I are not big readers, but we find it’s more fun when we do it together. Our Barnes & Nobles dates generally produce new ideas, dreams, or cool projects.

What is your favorite thing to do, or place to go on date night?!? We’d love to know, maybe it’ll give us a new idea for our next date night.


  1. jrsmith415 says:

    Matt and I love our Barnes & Noble dates too!!!! 🙂 They’re the best!

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