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 P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

Hello & Happy Monday! This post is one that we are SUPER excited about sharing because it’s for our AMAZING family. Angélica is Hugo’s sister, and we couldn’t be more proud of her, she has got such a kind heart and beautiful soul, and we are so very happy for her in this new season. […]

Hello and Happy Good Friday Everyone! We’re excited to be sharing this post, because it contains some very exciting news! Janae Rose Photography is GROWING. That’s right, we are pregnant, but that’s old news. 😉 Aside from our family growing, our team is also growing, and we’re SO excited about it. As you may remember […]

Back in November when we traveled to Guatemala we rolled around the idea of having a family photo session with the amazing Daniel Lopez Perez Photography done, and the closer the trip got the more we put if off thinking that maybe we just didn’t have enough of time in our trip to do it. […]

Let’s just start off by saying that Kandy & Amilkar’s wedding day was incredible. All of the time and detail that this couple put into their BIG day was well worth it. We had the pleasure to meet them and got to know them better at their November engagement photo session in Guatemala, and now […]

In our recent Getting Ready Mini Series we’ve talked a lot about how the ladies can make sure the getting-ready portion of their wedding day is a breeze, but we really haven’t touched much on the gentlemen. Generally men don’t take as long to get ready (in real-life and in the wedding world), however that […]

When I first started in this photography adventure, I would “pin” these gorgeous images of couples laughing and loving on each other. I was so drawn to those particular types of images, because they felt so REAL. There was something authentic about the couples interaction, and it felt as if a photographer just stumble among […]

We were so excited to have our 2018 wedding season get started in beautiful land of Guatemala, our season was only going to start today, until a couple of weeks ago when Javier and Marines contacted us about their wedding last weekend, and we are so glad they did! Thankfully we had gotten tickets for […]

When I walk into a wedding day, I love seeing all of the details the bride and groom choose to fill their “BEST DAY EVER!” Give me shoes, a dress, and amazing flowers, and my creative hearts starts beating a little faster. Not because I particularly love inanimate objects, but because all of the details […]

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we kind of REALLY love weddings around here! We often have people ask us if we ever get tired of it, and the answer is always, NO WAY! Seeing couples join together speaks to our hearts and fuels our creativity. Right now we’re in the midst of a […]

Hey there fellow photographers! Have you seen those images of stunning brides & grooms underneath that perfectly fluffed wedding veil, and wonder how that image was created?!? Well we were in the same boat several years ago, and through a process of trial and error discovered a few techniques for capturing these dreamy images. As […]