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 P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

Hello & Happy Monday!  We have not done an engagement photo session at Chickies Rock in a while, and let me tell you, doing Shannon & Phil’s engagement photos there, made me think that we need to get there more often! It really is beautiful! Shannon & Phil’s chose to have their engagement photos taken […]

Hello Everyone! We are here to share an awesome couple with you all, and we are going to actually turn it over to the incredible Kelly & Andrei, because they are the one’s that shot this beautiful photo session, and they’ll be capturing Alexis & Jesse’s wedding photos. We’re gonna let them tell you how […]

This wedding, this couple is so near and dear to my heart! I’m so proud to say that I only visibly cried at one point in the day. Which is pretty good for me, because weddings and people just always bring out the tears in me! Molly has been a dear friend for such a […]

Hello & Happy Friday! We hope that you are currently about to hop into a really exciting and restful weekend! We’ve got an awesome couple’s wedding! We’re so thankful for all of you who make our dream job possible! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  Today we are sharing Diana & Rob’s engagement photo session. This is […]

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”—Maya Angelou These photos put such a smile on my face. Love is so contagious, and I always tell Hugo when we’re coming home from a photo session, how I find myself smiling unintentionally. This session made […]

Happy Monday! Hugo and I keep talking about how we keep thinking of this season of spring as “just starting” when in all reality we are pretty much half way through it! Isn’t that wild?!?! Anyway we’re trying to slow time down a bit as we simultaneously hop into one of our busiest seasons. Balance […]

One of the greatest blessings in my life is the fact that I was born into the world with a best friend arriving just two days before I did. Clarissa’s parents and my parents were friends before we were born, and naturally when we came on the scene our friendship started pretty much immediately. Clarissa […]

Hello & Happy Wednesday! I think we can all agree that the weather these last few days is probably enough to put a smile on anyone’s face…but if you need a little extra something to smile about we’ve got it! Today we are sharing Julia & Chris’s engagement photo session! We’re so excited for their […]

Hello! We are back stateside, battling a bit of jet-lag…but our hearts are full and refreshed from a wonderful adventure in Western Australia and getting to be part of my childhood best friend’s wedding. Before we share all of those adventures though, I wanted to back track a bit. I always struggle with the balance […]

Hello & Happy whatever day this is! We’re currently in the land down under, and we’re in a different day then all our people at home in PA and Guatemala. Being twelve hours or less ahead of our friends and family is quiet the different feeling! We can’t wait to share more about our current […]