April 26, 2019

One of the greatest blessings in my life is the fact that I was born into the world with a best friend arriving just two days before I did. Clarissa’s parents and my parents were friends before we were born, and naturally when we came on the scene our friendship started pretty much immediately. Clarissa and I spent many hours together as children running around in the yard, sharing birthday parties, playing barbies, and in general just growing up together. 

We got to walk through elementary, middle, and high school together. In elementary school we were in the same class every year except for 4th grade, and 4th grade was pretty lame for me, to say the least. As we grew our friendship deepened, and so did our time riding around in Clarissa’s convertible car. It never ceases to amaze me how God has used Clarissa’s friendship in my life. As teenagers we navigated the hard questions of what we were called to in life, and what we would do after graduation day. Clarissa has always been such a sweet supporter and of mine, and getting to see her follow the call of God on her life to spread his love around the globe has been such a joy. 

Ryan & Clarissa met each other while they were both serving in ministries based out of YWAM Perth. We are so excited for these two and their future together. Getting to visit them in Australia and meeting their friends and family was SO much fun for us. Ryan and his family are the best, and they were so thoughtful and kind to us. They also introduced us to some incredible South African food and hospitality, it was great!

Clarissa & Ryan were married on a cool Sunday afternoon at a gorgeous botanical garden near Perth, one of my favorite memories from their day was seeing Clarissa walk down the aisle, and then later having Ryan make fun of me for how I cried like a baby! Clarissa & Ryan really had such a special wedding ceremony giving God all of the honor throughout the day, and I’ll forever treasure the moment getting to worship alongside of them before they said their vows!

Clarissa & Ryan, we were SO honored to get to share this day with you. You welcomed us and our girls with such open arms, and we honestly can’t thank you enough for that. You two have a GOOD gift in each other, and we can’t wait to see were God leads you in your lives and marriage. Your wedding was beautiful, from the rain that fell during the ceremony to the spicy fried chicken we ate at your reception, everything felt so intentionally crafted, and very YOU it was a honor to be a part of it all!

We hope these images always remind you of God’s faithfulness, and all of the awesome moments and feelings that filled your wedding day. We can’t wait to see you all again! Much Love, Janae & Hugo

P.S. A MASSIVE thank you to Leanne & Tom for helping us to capture Clarissa & Ryan’s wedding day. We could not have done it without you, and your help was such a gift to us. It was lovely meeting you both! We hope our paths cross again!

  1. Gene Miller says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! It looked like an incredible day. So happy for the only thing that could have made it better, would have been if we could have been there. Love you guys and so proud of what you are investing in the Kingdom. Praying for an incredible life filled with joy, and Agape Love! Blessings, Gene

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