December 20, 2019

Hello & Happy Friday! We’ve been capturing a lot of engagement photo sessions lately, and it’s been such a pleasure for us to capture so many incredible couples in love! Brandon & Jillian are getting married next year, and we meet them over the phone recently, however this was our first time meeting them in person, and we LOVED it!

Brandon & Jillian are wonderful! We loved their vision for their engagement photo session, and it even gave me a little itch to go back to France. We met up with Jillian & Brandon at Parc , they shared a glass of champagne, and their server even brought them some macaroons! We then wandered into Rittenhouse Square, and then drove over to Cira Green where we took in some of the lovely views of the Philadelphia skyline. I love capturing couples in their city. Jillian & Brandon met in Philly, and live there, and I loved hearing all of their recommendations for food and sights. It was just so perfect! I wanted to mention too that Brandon is a talented videographer check out his incredible work HERE. We’re always so honored when people in the wedding industry allow us to be a part of their special day. It’s a true honor.

Jillian & Brandon, we are SO happy for you. This is such an exciting season in your lives, and we hope these images always serve as a reminder of how lovely, and beautiful this time has been. We can’t wait to see you again. Enjoy this preview of a few of your engagement photos!

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