May 28, 2019

Can you believe that Memorial Day weekend came and went?!?! We are getting closer and closer to the half way point of the year, and I keep thinking that time is flying by at a faster rate than I appreciate, but in the midst of that I’m trying to remain in the moment. Summer’s on the horizon, and that means pool days, incredible weddings, camp fires, and long nights with friends and family…so I guess that’s better than winter. 😉 

Today we are sharing an awesome couple with you all. When we work with couples to capture their wedding, we really try and keep the couple and their relationship in perspective. Weddings are incredible, don’t get us wrong. We love a good party more then anyone, but we like to try and visualize our couples 25 years down the road looking through their wedding photos. We want their images to not only tell the story of their day, but the story of them! It’s the one day in most people’s lives that they get to gather together all of their friends and family into one space, and we really want to capture the heart of the couple!

It was so fun to work with Michele & Dawson on their day. They both have such a tender love and compassion for people and that was so very evident in their day. One of my favorite moments of their wedding day was actually watching them greet their guests after their ceremony. Their joy just overflowed to everyone! Michele & Dawson actually met each other at a wedding, so something about their day felt very “full circle”. When Dawson first asked Michele out, she thought that he was joking, and now they’re married! How fun is that story?!?! 

Michele & Dawson’s day started early, and when I walked into the home that Michele grew up in to capture the ladies getting ready for the day it all felt so nostalgic. The smell of coffee brewing and people laughing, Michele’s dress hung in her room, walking in and seeing photos of her family and friends hanging on the walls made me feel a little sentimental knowing that Michele & Dawson will hang photos from this exact day on their walls!

Once Michele’s sisters helped her into her dress she walked downstairs to all of her bridesmaids who where “wowed” by her, and then outside to where her dad was waiting for her. They greeted each other with tears and laughter, and I loved how all of these moments where so thoughtful and embraced. Nothing was rushed, tears were shed, laughter was heard, and memories were made. We then proceeded to take Michele to see her groom. Dawson’s face when he saw her was priceless, and we were honored to get to capture that moment. Dawson is clearly such a gentle protector of Michele’s heart, and we loved seeing him marvel over her!

Photos were taken, family was hugged, and friends were celebrated! From there we were off to see these two get married! Their wedding ceremony was so thoughtful, and I loved seeing Michele & Dawson sing together! I’ll never stop loving hearing couples share their vows to each other, and the moment that they walk back up the aisle together as husband and wife is such a treat! Nothing is like that moment!!!

Michele & Dawson, you have been such a pleasure to work with. Thank you for allowing us to save these moments for you. We hope that you always look back on your wedding images and remember that depth of joy you felt and know how many people love you and are cheering you on. The future ahead is a good one, and we hope we get to see you again soon! Enjoy this preview of some your wedding images! Happy Tuesday! 

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