September 28, 2018

Y’all we have been SO excited to share this beautiful wedding with you. It’s taken even ounce of self control to not post a million of these on facebook and instagram, but at last it’s time to release this beautiful wedding “into the wild!” 😉

Jonathan and Lindsay are so dear to our hearts. They have truly become friends. From the first time we sat down together outside on the Speckled Hen Cafe, talking about how they met, how they feel in love, we knew we would be instant friends! These two have such kind hearts, and we have been so blessed by how they have always extending so much love and grace towards our little girls. Lindsay even bought them matching headbands, and even found one made from Guatemalan fabric. Isn’t that the most thoughtful think, you’ve ever heard!

Besides Jonathan and Lindsay being just so incredible! Their wedding day was fun! We loved their elegant classic style, and how they made us feel so welcomed and appreciated on their day. Lindsay was constantly checking on us, making sure we were feed and enjoying ourselves (did I mention she’s SO amazingly kind!?!?)

Lindsay & Jonathan had such a meaningful wedding ceremony exchanging beautiful vows, surrounded by their people! These two have such closes families and we love how they made them so very much apart of their day, and we even got to take photos with their furry friend, Harvey! This furry fellow is so important to them, and we loved that he got to be part of photos and even their ceremony!

Jonathan & Lindsay, I think we told you at least at thousand times, but you’re so FUN to capture, but more importantly it’s been such a blessing and honor working with you! We are almost a little sad that it’s over, but don’t worry! We’re sure we’ll be seeing each other again!! 🙂 Thank you again for allowing us to save these memories for you. You have beautiful friends and family, and your love is so deep, we know you two are going to love marriage. We can’t wait for you to see this preview of your wedding day images!


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