September 12, 2018

Hello & Happy Wednesday! We’ve got the cutest couple here to brighten up your rainy day! Melody & Nathaniel are getting married this upcoming winter, and we are so excited that we get to be a part of telling their story. These two have an exciting adventure ahead and we can’t wait to see where all they go.

They choose to have their engagement photos taken at the Pagoda in Reading, because it’s the location that Nathaniel asked Melody to be his girlfriend at! Isn’t that sweet. This place holds a lot of significance for them, and we love that they choose it for their engagement photos. We’ve actually never been here before so it was great to shoot at a new locations! Also, why have we never been here before?!?! It’s beautiful. If you’re a fan of lookouts, this is a good one! We always love a good city overlook.

Melody & Nathaniel, we’ve looked getting to know you better, and are super excited for you. Marriage is amazing, and we know you’re gonna love it. We wish you all the best as you prepare for your wedding and marriage! Y’all are the BEST!

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