December 1, 2017

Amber & Josh are seriously the BEST! I walked back from their session feeling so refreshed and excited for them. These two are so genuine, and it was so fun talking the whole long walk out to The White Cliffs of Conoy with them, and sharing stories about how they meet and fell in love, and also getting to share our story with them. That’s one of our favorite parts of this job, getting to share stories, and hear all about the beautiful ways people are brought together.

There was a threat of rain for this session, and we were SO happy the weather cooperated, cause this session was perfect. The light changed multiple times, and it was super fun to be able to capture soft warm light, and then at the end the clouds rolled in we shot against the deep gray sky. Which was super cool! Amber & Josh shared a special birthday date together at The White Cliffs, so it was only appropriate we go back for their engagement photo session. I love how these two kept each other laughing in every moment, and it kind of felt like I just got to tag along for one of their awesome dates together.

Amber & Josh, we seriously are SO excited for your wedding next Spring, we know your day is going to be filled with so much joy and beauty, and we can’t wait to capture it for you. We wish you all the best as you plan for your BIG day and most of all for your marriage! We hope these images put a smile on your face today, and always remind you of what wonderful season you are in together!

Much Love,

Janae & Hugo

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