December 14, 2018

Hello! Y’all I have been hoarding these INCREDIBLE images, and I’m so excited to release them into the wild now. They are of some of our favorite people, in one of our favorite cities. Sarah & Simeon traveled with us to Guatemala in November to help capture Hugo’s sister’s wedding. Back in February for Valentine’s Day, Simeon decided to surprised Sarah with a gift card for a photo session with us! (Isn’t that the sweetest!) Among giving her that gift, we started to talk about where we should do the session at, winter in Pennsylvania, is not an ideal time for photos, unless you love the cold. So we’d all decided to wait till the weather was warmer for their session.

Later on when Hugo’s sister got engaged, and we started talking about traveling for her wedding, and how we were going to manage shooting the wedding and being in the wedding. Amidst that dilemma the idea of Sarah & Simeon joining us in Guatemala was born, and as was the realization that we should for sure take their photos in GUATEMALA! I’m SO excited to be sharing these. Getting Sarah & Simeon in front of my camera is always a treat. They have such a beautiful relationship, and more then posing and creating images of them, it’s such a joy to watch them serve, honor, and love on each other.

This was such an incredible trip with them, and I’d there are few things we love more then getting to share Guatemala with our friends. It’s such a vibrant and beautiful country with hands down some of the BEST food. 😉 We actually not only took some photos of Sarah & Simeon in Antigua, but also at Lake Atitlàn! We’re excited to share those as well! We’re making this a two part blog series out of it! YAY! Also who else thinks we should get Sarah & Simeon on the blog and have them share about their time in Guatemala?!?!

For enjoy these images of these incredible people! Sarah & Simeon we are so glad that we got to take these photos for you, wandering Antigua was a dream, and y’all make an already incredible city look even more incredible! We love you guys!

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