December 20, 2018

Hello & Happy Thursday! Who else is just loving this current season?!?! Let me tell ya, if you thought Christmas was great, well Christmas when you have kids ends up looking even more magical! We’ve been wrapping gifts, watching all the Christmas movies, and really just treasuring this time together as a family. We really try and incorporate some Guatemalan traditions in this season, so tonight we’re making “Ponche”. It’s a type of fruit punch that will change your life. 😉 Ok not really, but it’s super good!

One of the things I also really love about this season is that a TON of people get engaged, and it’s such a sweet time of year! We get to meet so many new couples, hear so many amazing stories, and really get to feel all those lovin’ feelings again! In the past few weeks I got to capture Brooklyn & Blake, and I’m pretty sure some of the sweetest people on the planet. No Joke!

We had the pleasure of capturing Brooklyn’s brother’s wedding this past year, and we are super honored and excited that we get to be a part of her and Blake’s wedding this next year. We actually go to the same church as them, and know that we’ll be bumming into them a lot more in the near future! Every engagement photo session is unique, and one of my big take aways from this session, was that I just loved how relaxed it was. We walked around Brooklyn’s grandparents farm, and around her families property, and it was just so neat to see the place and people that have shaped Brooklyn & Blake. We petted some goats, which of course filled my animal tank super full. 😉 These two clearly know how to have fun together, and I loved how they brought such a joy and peace to their photo session.

Thank you Brooklyn & Blake for trusting us with these important moments. We are so happy that we’re getting to know you, and look forward to your summer wedding! We hope these images put a smile on your face for years and year to come!





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