January 4, 2019

Hello! This is one of those year end posts that I really look forward to. I almost feel like it’s something that I do more for ourselves then anything else. We often hit the ground running in January with all kinds of business projects and changes to refine and make our business better ever single year! In the middle of that though, it’s nice to take a moment to remind ourselves of what was done well in the past year. To relive the moments that moved us, and real reason why we love this work so much, THE PEOPLE!”

I’m rediscovering that fact that we never fully arrive, there is always growing and moving that happens. That’s why moments of reflection are so necessary, to remain grounded and rooted in our “why!” Which has always been people! We want our business to be about relationships and community, about sharing stories of joy, triumph, and most importantly everlasting love.

2018 was such a sweet year, we added more teams, grew our family, and were part of so many incredible wedding days! As much as we love all the details that couples pour into their wedding celebrations, one of the things that we’re finding is that we’re continually drawn to the “moments” that fill each couple’s wedding day. The happy tears, the hugs, the laughter. Those moments that we didn’t curate, but that hold so much value. So here it is folks, some of our MANY favorites from 2018. We’re just gonna say that this post is real-deal long…so if you stick with it till the end, bless your soul! Thank you for taking this journey with us, for caring about our business, art, passions, and families! From our very first wedding of 2018, to the end, here it is, The Best of 2018!

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If you actually got to the bottom of this post, you are a saint, cause this was a long one. Thank you for taking such an interest in our work. You are are incredible! 

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