May 9, 2019

Hello Everyone! We are here to share an awesome couple with you all, and we are going to actually turn it over to the incredible Kelly & Andrei, because they are the one’s that shot this beautiful photo session, and they’ll be capturing Alexis & Jesse’s wedding photos. We’re gonna let them tell you how AMAZING this couple is!

Wow, what can I say?! Alexis + Jesse are the absolute sweetest!!! When we first saw them, Alexis ran up to me (Kelly) and gave me a huge hug! Instantly I knew that these were my kind of people! 😉
They were super adventurous (also my kind of people) and didn’t mind walking everywhere and anywhere for us to take their photos! They were so absolutely adorable and in love, which made it super easy capturing their authentic love.

Alexis and Jesse met at church and grew fond of each other from a distance, which we love because that is how Andrei and I met each other as well! They have such a sweet love for each other and the people that they meet, and all of that radiates from their smiles in the best ways! They are filled with joy overflowing and it was so fun to get to capture that!

While they were dating, they would take Jesse’s boat to Blue Marsh lake to hang out with each other on the lake on warm summer days. We loved their reaction when they smelled the gasoline of a boat starting up. They both sighed while melting into each other’s arms and exclaimed how much they loved boating with each other and all of the fond memories that they’ve shared. 

We ended the evening with an absolutely breathtaking view at the top of Blue Marsh looking out over the valley with literally the perfect sunset and clouds. The weather earlier that day was very windy and harsh and it was so amazing and surprising to see such beautiful clear skies, making the end of the session even more special!

We can’t wait to capture your wedding day, Alexis + Jesse! We know it’s going to be an absolute blast!

Much love from the Belousov’s

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