May 6, 2019

This wedding, this couple is so near and dear to my heart! I’m so proud to say that I only visibly cried at one point in the day. Which is pretty good for me, because weddings and people just always bring out the tears in me! Molly has been a dear friend for such a long time. I can’t exactly put my finger on how old I would have been when we first met, but I’m thinking I was probably a pre-teen. That’s right! Molly and her family and my family go way back.

We were in a small group together, and I remember as young teenagers sharing our hearts and hardships with each other, and mostly just giggling a whole lot, while our parents met upstairs and prayed together. Now that I think about, they were probably praying for us! Oh my! There is something about Molly’s honesty and laughter that is just so comforting, you can always count on her to speak the truth and share some good times!!  

We are in a season of life that we don’t see each other as much anymore. Which is a bit bitter sweet, but beautiful all the same. Especially since we often see each other, in a moment where I am taking photos for Molly and her family. I mentioned when I shared Molly & Dusty’s engagement photos, but I’ve actually been taking photos of Molly’s family since the VERY VERY humble beginning of my journey into photography. They always took a chance on me, believing in my work, and that is something that I’m honestly tearing up about right now. I mean I was 17 years old, I hardly had a clue, just camera and a passion! Molly even told me that one day I would capture her wedding!

When we heard about Dusty, and that they had made their relationship official, we were so excited for Molly. Upon meeting Dusty he reminded me a lot of Molly’s Dad, Gray, Humble and calm, understanding and compassionate. It’s always super exciting when you see friends find their other-half, and Molly & Dusty compliment each other in a way that is really perfect!

The start of Molly & Dusty’s day was such a sweet one. I personally got to stretch my creative muscles, as I captured detail photos at “The Railroad Master’s House”, which the ladies got ready in. Talk about a photographers dream! Molly and her mom kept telling me that they knew I was gonna love every second of it, and that was SO true. That may or may not be why I have an abnormal amount of shoes, dress, rings, and flower photos. But more then details (which were super fun, don’t get me wrong), there were moments in their day that really stood out to me as the highlight. I’m just gonna quick list a few in no particular order…

  • There was this moment while Molly’s sister Hannah was buttoning the sleeves of Molly’s dress as she was getting ready, and their mom Renee stood between them smiling at both of them. It felt slow and significant, the three of them sharing this still moment. It’s honestly one of my favorite photos from the day.
  • Molly and her Dad’s first look. Knowing these two and seeing over the years how they love each other so much made this the moment that I cried. It was joyful and tearful, and Hugo and I both felt special to observe it. (Also made us think about how we don’t ever want out babies to grow up!)
  • Seeing Dusty’s reaction I think was one of the best parts of the day! He was so happy to see her and overwhelmed by her beauty, and Molly was elated to have her man by her side! She kept telling me she wanted to see him!
  • During Molly & Dusty’s ceremony their pastor Jimmy had them look out at all the people that had come to be witness their vows, and they both made us all feel like we were the most important people in the world. (You’ll see their reaction 😉 ) 
  • Also during their ceremony Molly shared a list she has written in her journal from middle school about what she wanted in a husband. The list basically described Dusty! How amazing is that!

Anyway now that I have written a mini novel about this incredible couple and their wedding day. I guess we should get to the photos! Molly & Dusty, it was an honor not only to get to capture your day, but witness your vows!

Marriage is a gift! Many blessings as you start your lives together! We hope that many years down the road, you will look through these photos and remember all the joy and love you felt on this day, and be reminded of all the people who love and care about you and believe in your marriage! We’re so blessed to call you friends, and hope you enjoy this little preview of a few of your wedding images!

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