April 24, 2020

I shared on my most recent blog post that I had the honor of attending a Lauren Fair & Julie Paisley Workshop this past summer in Normandy France. It was a romantic gift given to me by Hugo for our anniversary. In this current world I find myself reminiscing on the memories, food, and culture we enjoyed in France. Hugo has always been the dreamer in our relationship, and I appreciate his gentle nudge to go for something I’ve always dreamed of doing. From the time that I started in photography many years ago I have admired and respected these women’s work, and the lessons I took away from this retreat is something I’ll never forget.

Part of the experience was capturing unparalleled beauty and an incredible team came together to document and create this romantic and moody elopement in a grand French Chateau. This particular elopement spoke to my aesthetic as I love the contrast between warm earthy tones and black and white. Candlelight and greenery is style in weddings that I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving it is timeless yet modern. A massive thank you goes out to the incredible team that put this beauty together for us to capture. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside of such talented and creative individuals.

Photographed at | The Lauren Fair & Julie Paisley Workshop in Normandy France

Venue | Chateau de Courtomer

Creative Direction, Design + Florals | Oleander Curated

Wardrobe Styling + Flat lay Design | Janna Brown Design Co.

Hair + Makeup | Natalia Issa

Jewelry | Juvelan

Models | Rachel Planquette & Robin Mayeur

First Gown | Alexandra Grecco

Second Gown | Mira Zwillinger

Shoes | Bella Belle

Calligraphy | Shasta Bell Calligraphy

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