April 1, 2019

Hello & Happy Monday! I hope that your week started off wonderful! You all I can’t stop looking at these photos! Ariel & Andrew, are so great! We first met them over coffee, with a newborn baby in arms. That’s right, we met them soon after Zara was born, and let me tell you, these two are the kindness souls. Something that really stood out to me about our first meeting was how kind they were, and how they took such a genuine interest in our little baby and family.

Ariel & Andrew are getting married this summer at one of our favorite places, you guessed it Drumore Estate. We frequent this venue often, and it honestly never gets old! It goes without saying that we’re super excited to get to celebrate Ariel & Andrew’s wedding soon! But until then we get to share their incredible engagement photo session!

Ariel & Andrew love the outdoors, and knew that they wanted to have their engagement photos taken at a waterfall! Which of course we were ALL about! We’ll never turn down the opportunity to take photos of awesome people in awesome places! Ariel & Andrew were such troopers hiking three miles total for these epic photos in the COLD weather!

Ariel & Andrew, we are are so honored to get to know you, to hear your story, and witness this season of your lives. We had such a blast talking and hiking with you both! We hope that the coming months leading up to your wedding go smoothly, and that they draw you closer to each other through it all!  Enjoy this preview of your engagement photo session! You two are the BEST!

  1. Ann says:

    Wow! These photos are great!
    Ariel and Andrew, your love for each other really shines true in these photos! I cannot wait to celebrate in August.

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