April 10, 2019

Hello & Happy whatever day this is! We’re currently in the land down under, and we’re in a different day then all our people at home in PA and Guatemala. Being twelve hours or less ahead of our friends and family is quiet the different feeling! We can’t wait to share more about our current adventure, but for now I thought I’d backtrack, and share a little bit of our Guatemala adventures.

While we were in Guate for four weeks, we spent one of those weeks traveling to the northern regions of Guatemala. Our main goal was to visit Tikal, which is home to some of the great Mayan ruins in Guatemala. However along the way we stopped at Castillo De San Felipe, which is a fort along the Rio Dulce. I have seen images of the fort while I was teaching English in Guatemala, and it always peaked my interest, and Hugo was more then willing to stop there during our adventure!

Here are a few images from our stop, and also a few from the beach area at our Air BNB in San Jose, near Tikal. Our Air BNB hosted almost all of Hugo’s family, and was located along Lago Peten, and we swam there for a full day! We paddle boarded, kayaked, and played with our grounds keepers dog. 😉 Isn’t life by the water, the BEST?!?!

We’ll be sharing more portions of our adventure in Guatemala in the coming days. We hope makes you want to visit Guatemala! 😉

Always making new friends!

I could have stayed in that water for days!


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