November 20, 2018

If you love high school sweet hearts and fur babies then you’re gonna flip over Lexi & Cameron’s engagement photo session. This sweet couple is getting married at Drumore Estate this upcoming year, and if you’ve been around here for a while then you’ll know that we work at Drumore a lot, and love the team that makes everything SO beautiful there.

Lexi & Cameron, found us through Drumore, and we couldn’t be more thrilled when we heard they found out about us through the venue! Meeting Lexi & Cameron at this engagement photo session for the first time was such a treat. These two have such gentle spirits and a deep kind of love and commitment that comes from having such a sweet history together. We have always admired couples who are high school sweethearts. I’m pretty sure if Hugo had met me in high school we probably wouldn’t be together now. HA!

Lexi & Cameron endured some seriously cold temperatures and winds, but they made this day feel like Spring! We loved it! We can’t thank these two enough for trusting us with their precious memories. We hope these images always serve as a reminder of all the GOOD things that are ahead of you.

P.S. We also loved meeting Lexi’s parents and Cameron’s mom at this session. This couples families live a distance away from Drumore and they came out for the session to see the property, and it was a treat meeting them. Y’all are so lovely! We can’t wait for the wedding day!

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