June 7, 2019

Happy Friday! We’re swinging in to share another amazing wedding with you all! Katy + Chris are such an incredible couple, and we loved getting to know them better! We captured their engagement photos this past fall and if you’ll remember, Mother Nature decided to play a little joke on us, and rain pretty heavy part way through our hike at Hawk Mountain. In this moment Katy + Chris’s nature really shone through. They never once complained, they stood beside me knowing that the weather would clear and that in the end it would be incredible, which is was! 

I told Hugo that I was so blessed by their ability to look for the good and beauty in something that has literally never happen at one of my engagement photo sessions. Sometimes you check your weather app, you are 100% certain that the rain won’t come, and then without notice or hesitation it starts to pour. But what Chris & Katy got from that moment was an unforgettable sky. Fog and clouds that really pulled out all the stops, and showcased their steadfast and strong love SO well. Their engagement photo session left us SO excited for their wedding day! 

Thankfully at their wedding rain didn’t show up to the party (even though we thought it might for a moment.) Katy + Chris shared such a special wedding day, filled with the love of friends and family surrounding them so sweetly. One of our favorite moments from their wedding day was their first look. After seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, which was filled with tears and laughter, they shared a beer. Not just any beer though, one that was brewed and crafted by Chris! Not only did he pour his time in the making that IPA, but he also made an original label with their wedding date and an image from their engagement photos! Isn’t that just the coolest! I felt like this moment really spoke to the intentionality in Chris + Katy’s relationship, and was so special to witness!

Another moment from their wedding day stood out to us was their cocktail hour. Because they chose to see each other before the ceremony they were able to join their guests at their cocktail hour. We captured people laughing and catching up, and Katy + Chris both took the time to introduce us to their friends and family, such a truly kind gesture that made us feel like more friends and less like “just photographers.” 

Katy + Chris, we love that you’ve put each other first in SO many ways. It was an absolute honor to get to capture your moments. Your wedding day was overflowing with laughter and I hope you always feel that when you look back on these photos. We wish you all the best as you take this next step together! Enjoy this little preview of some of your wedding day images! 

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