June 5, 2019

When we capture a wedding we really strive to capture not only the beauty of it, but all of the emotions and trueness of that wedding day. We want couples to look back on their images and remember moments and not what felt like a prolonged wedding photo shoot. While getting to edit these photos I was really transported back to the sweetness of this day. Drew & Noelle met in High School, so they’ve spent years together anticipating this day, and it was amazing to witness it all come together for them! They got married at the incredible Stoltzfus Homesteads & Gardens!

Noelle & Drew have such a kindness and authentic joy that really overflows out of their interaction with each other and the people surrounding them. We had such a blast getting to witness them see each other at the end of that aisle, and declare their vows to one another. In addition to that particular incredible moment we loved watching them laugh with their bridal party, share special dances with their parents, and enjoy their night together!

Noelle & Drew, your joy is contagious, and you crafted a wedding day that was SO very you, and we loved getting to be a part of that. Also we think that fact that you brought Beiler’s Doughnuts in for your wedding guest to enjoy, was INCREDIBLE! Never had a better Doughnut in my life!!! We are SO excited for you two as you venture into marriage together. It’s been such a gift in our lives, and we know that you’re gonna love it! Enjoy this little preview of some of your wedding day images! 

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