January 5, 2018

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re having a beautiful cold Friday. We know it’s cold out there, but we have to say gosh is it beautiful. We know that’s contrary to how a lot of folks feel, but we’ve been thinking about how winter gets a really bad rap, and we’d just like to say that this wintery engagement photo session might just change your mind about it. 😉 Maybe it will make you wish for snow and colder days, but if it doesn’t it will at least have you gushing over what a beautiful couple this is. Katerina & Brady were amazing at their session (and in general (!)), and let us tell you if you think it’s cold now, well lets just say it was REALLY cold at this session, and these two took on the weather with such ease and grace, as we would imagine they do with everything.

We knew that we wanted snow for this session and it didn’t look super promising that we would have snow in our area, however Katerina & Brady had the awesome idea that if the snow didn’t come to us, we’d just have to go to the snow! Hickory Run State Park is becoming a new favorite for us, we love the deep woods and the amazing boulder field. This spot will always remain a favorite for sure. We’re so glad that Katerina & Brady choose this location, and that they were willing to brave the freezing cold and wind for these amazing portraits. This couple is so sweet and their portraits took on such a dreamy and romantic feel, that we can’t stop looking at them.

Besides these images being some new favorites for us, we can’t help but say what a joy Katerina & Brady are to get to know and work with! They are kind, loyal, and adventurous. We are so very excited for their wedding coming up this year, and we know it’s going to be a good one! Especially since it’ll be at Drumore Estate! (Hallelujah, Amen!) If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know we love that location. So Katerina & Brady, we hope these images always hold such beautiful place in your hearts and minds, as they remind you of this beautiful adventure you are on together!

So much love,

Janae & Hugo

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