January 13, 2018

We had every intention of getting 2017’s Behind the Scenes up in the year 2017, but hey better late then never. 2016’s Behind the Scenes post was a big hit, so we figured we’d bring it back. And we’re just going to say that this time around we’ve got way more hilarious, ridiculous, embarrassing content. We’d say you’re in for a real treat. 2017 was such an amazing year, we added a second team, and collectively shot 50 weddings for 50 AMAZING couples. Working as a husband and wife team, with so many other incredible couples has been a dream for us. As much as we love taking beautiful photos, we are even more grateful for the couples we have been able to meet and serve through our business. Each and everyone one of them has allowed us to not only capture their love through photos, but they have welcomed us into some of the BIGGEST moments in their history,  and in the process have made us feel like family! We can not say THANK YOU enough.

This job has meant so much more to us then just photos, it has been an honor to serve couples on their wedding day through even the smallest of details. From dress fluffing to boutonniere pinning we have loved every second of it! So here’s to another beautiful year under our belts, and to witnessing so many lives joined in marriage. We’ve laughed still our stomachs hurt, and cried along with happy tears, and enjoyed every moment along the way! Enjoy these 2017 Behind the Scenes…cause it’s super embarrassing.

“Here’s a photo of your dress…oh and Hugo too…”

The vehicle that transported us to the top of the Guatemalan Mountain for Faby & Alex’s wedding. 😉

One of the few occasions I dressed up for a wedding…thank goodness for cousins who get married

Did you know I double as a professional shoe tier?!?

Hugo in his element…driving the golf chart!

One of the few photos we have of us working together.

Shout out to the Martin Family, we kind of feel like part of the family, since we’ve taken this extended family photo about four times now. 😉

We wouldn’t have any photos together if it wasn’t for Sarah. Gotta love her!

Let’s be real, I’m not the one that makes this photo cute. Flower girls for the WIN!

Bridal Parties love this guy!

That one time Gloria came along to my brother’s engagement photos, and we didn’t take in to account the “mountain climbing” that would occur. Poor Hugo.

Kind of think the my camera’s touch screen capabilities was made for short people. Like me.

When the bridal parties on a hill, and you’re not…

I just apologize in advance for forgetting bridal party member’s names.

Here you can see the extremely rare and wild “Hugo” in his natural habitat.

Dress fluffing is his speciality.

He’s also the official family iPhone photographer. God Bless him.

Perks of the job : Adorable Hilarious Grandmothers

This is Joe and Hugo, having way too much fun behind mine and Laura’s backs.

The face you make when you have no idea how you are going to get off the rock your standing on.

When the sweetest father of the bride holds the chair for you…Thank you Mr. Laura’s Dad.

Wait, one second! I’m going to make a minor insignificant change…

A lovely family portrait…and Janae hissing.


Behind every romantic under the veil image, is someone looking like a goof-ball…

…But it’s fun so people want to join in on the fun!

Hugo saving the day once again. You’d think I’d know how to pin those little suckers on by now.

Two words : TEAM WORK

One of the benefits of our job is that we get to cuddle at work. 😉

Zach saving the day from very bad wreaths.

Exhibit A: of Jordan & Brittany being cute while “someone” else looks like a nerd.

Scary little photo bomber…

Exhibit B: of Jordan & Brittany being cute while “someone” else looks like super serious.

Always standing on them tippy-toes…short probs.

When we literally make Hugo carry EVERYTHING.

Meet Hugo and his best friend. Mr. 70-200mm.

Discussing proper technique for lifting the groom.

The one time last year, I fluffed a dress. The rest of the time we just let Hugo take care of it. 😉

Now take a quart step to the right(ish)…Oops I mean left.

Always riding in style.

Proof that Hugo will literally do anything for our clients. He climbed on top of that wall in the rain!

A bridal party who eats pizza together…stays together.

I also double as a mediocre hair stylist.

When your job requires miniature tree removal…(What isn’t shown is the fact that it was a failed attempt. Hugo had to take over for me.)

Example No. 48 of Hugo being a gentleman.

It takes a village to make a baby smile. 😉

How we really get people to listen to us…

And you thought these kind of shots were caused by wind…HA


Excuse me just a second while I get out of your super romantic portrait…

What it looks like when you’re trying to relay vital information to the ringer bearer. (AKA, your cousin.)

Why am I smiling like a goon?!?!…I guess it’s cause my brother got married…and I’m holding my grandma’s hand?!?

I was suppose to take a photo of Hugo while he was at the top of the ladder. FAIL.

Family photos are always so easy, until it’s your own family.

What 4 hours of flower girl duties completed really looks like.

Sometimes even tall people need a chair.

Ok now, please come and stand right here. Yep, right here.

If you build a fire…I’ll be there.

Umm…let me just…move out the way.

That one time a ghost tour joined us for portraits.

Photographers gotta have fun too.

Awkward hands all  the way.

Me and my trusted assistants.

The face you make, when you’re in charge of making sure the fire gets put out… Not to worry, no wedding venues were harmed in the making of this “sparkler exit.”

Cause as you can see, Hugo always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Every bride should have a photo of her dress…with Hugo.

When in Guatemala…

Janae, being 112% awkward.

Everyone’s always trying to get Hugo to take “one more shot!”


When I say let’s just do a few photos without the fur, it’s not because I have ulterior motives.

Like I said, he’s a true gentleman.

That time Laura & Joe got married at the most beautiful location, and we got new headshots out of the deal… 😉

Below is our awesome second team Sarah & Simeon hard at work!

Leading the way to beautiful portraits.

They know how to take a cute Behind the Scenes photos…unlike us.

You gotta practice for that “first look.”

Simeon ridding the world of poorly placed picnic tables.

…and getting the perfect angle.

Seriously Sarah & Simeon are WAY cuter then us.


They will really will do anything for anyone. They’re the BEST.

  1. Sarah Beatty says:

    This post also should be titled ” a look at all of Janae’s fabulous outfits”! Love it!

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