November 30, 2018

It feels surreal to be sharing these images! This is our sister’s wedding!!! Hugo’s sister Angelica married her sweet David, and we got to be a part of all of it!!! When these two started planning for their wedding, there was talks about that fact that they wanted us to be in the bridal party and also shoot the wedding. Hugo jokingly said to Angie, and how do you expect us to do that?!? To which she replied, “Well, don’t you have teams that work with you?!?” And in that moment the wild idea of asking our dear friends to come and be a part of this wedding was born! Sarah and Simeon made so much happen this day, and that made it truly relaxing for Hugo and myself, and there is NO way we could have done it without them! THANK YOU THANK YOU Sarah & Simeon!

We created so many beautiful memories this day. This is our first family wedding on Hugo’s side that we were ALL able to be together. When we were married Hugo’s family wasn’t able to get visa’s to travel and attend our wedding, which made this time together extra special! There are no words for the gratitude we have when we get to be together as a family! Angelica & David, have a beautiful love and we are SO happy for them!! Their wedding was overflowing with so much beauty, from the venue to the food, and truly every detail!

They were married at Hotel Casa Miravalle, which basically sits one the top of a mountain, with the most amazing views of several volcanos. It honestly felt like something out of a dream! We also got to take these two for portrait to Antigua, Guatemala. Which if you’ve never seen photos of it before, you are in for a treat! I’ll always have a special place in heart for Antigua!

Our favorite moments from the day though, wasn’t the views, the details, or all the beautiful things. It was all the moment sent with family! Curling Laleska’s hair in the morning, doing Kelia’s make-up, watching Angelica slip into her dress, and seeing the look on her face when David and her saw each other for the first time on this day! It was watching Gloria, Layla, and Zara walk down the aisle, hearing Hugo’s mom’s speech, and seeing Angie & David’s first dance, and ending the night watching fireworks all together! These were the moment that were the very BEST!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so perfect. Thank you to Angie & David for trusting us and Sarah & Simeon with your day. Thank you for loving us, and being such an important part of our lives.

Thank you to my parents who traveled to come and celebrate with us! You helped so much with the girls and food, and we are so glad you were there!

Thank you to all of Hugo’s family! You all made this day so wonderful, and we love you! & Again thank you to Sarah and Simeon, we couldn’t have done this without you! And now that I’ve written a novel about this day, here it is Angie & David’s WEDDING PHOTOS!

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